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How do I keep my surfing on the net secretly from people around me, at home or office?
How do I prevent prying eyes from sensitive information when I surf on the net ?

How do I avoid popup advertisings when I surf the net ?
How do I conduct day trading of personal stocks at work?
How do I send unrelated e-mails to friends and relatives from the workplace?
How do I shop online while at work?
How do I hunt for new job while online at work?
How do I play computer games while at work?
SecretWeb is not a tool to do unethical things at work. However, it is a smart way to avoid lots of troubles.
  The most important thing this Web Browser distinguishable from the rest is its ability to camouflage your surfing to prevent prying eyes from sensitive information. Email anything you like ...  Browsing anything you like, if someone comes you can make it physically disappear and your computer behaves normally as if you're working on something else.

   SecretWeb is not just an ordinary Web Browser, whether you are at home or at work. Unless, you are alone or have your own office, there is always possibility that someone might be curious about what and where you are surfing. If you don't like people prying at what you are browsing; especially, you don't want to upset your boss for abusing company resource and working time. SecretWeb  is a smart way to avoid trouble, although it may sound unethical to do personal things at a workplace.

By pressing a combination of keys (Hot Key, or rather Secret Keys), you can make SecretWeb disappeared on the screen, even on "Taskbar" or "Alt+Tab". When people go away, all you have to do is again pressing a different set of combination of keys to bring back the browser.


 To download this FREE program:   SecretWeb.zip

  Now Supporting Email system that you can SEND and RECEIVE other foreign languages: Arabic, Chinese, Korean, Japanese, Hindi, Hebrew, Greek, Thai, Russian, Vietnamese...

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     1.    Physically disappear on screen even on the taskbar when you don't want someone to know what you're surfing.

     2.    An option to block all advertising pop-ups. Edit ->Allow Pop-ups.

     3.    You can create as many web pages in one Browser instance as your PC memory will handle.

     4.    You set your own Secret Keys so no one knows how to activate or deactivate your SecretWeb browser.

     5.    Cookies, whether you like it or not it's there. Now you have an ability to inspect what sort of information, websites put in your PC, and it's up to you to delete or keep them. 

     6.    Search the net with major search engines.

     7.    FTP client is embedded in the browser for your convenience. Now you don't have to switch between software to up/download files.

     8.    Database of the last 30 files downloaded and Urls for easy keeping track of what are sitting in your hard drive.

    10.    Set your hotkey to activate Screen Saver immediately.

    11.    Email system supports many foreign languages in Unicode

SecretWeb offers you a deceptive interface that looks like an Office suite.

    13.   Embedded RSS reader.

    14.   Open and Hide other applications like: Notepad, Dos prompt, Outlook, Outlook Express, Wordpad, Excel, MS Word, Mozilla Firefox, Opera, and Internet Explorer, etc.

    15.   I can make SecretWeb better than what it is now if I get your feedback on the pros and cons of this product.

       Of course, no software in this world is perfect and bugs free. Therefore, SecretWeb is no exception from bugs and imperfection. Please come back to check for updated version.


  Note: If you have problem running this software please read the included file: Tech.txt  
           If you have more problem running this software please kindly let me know.

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20th, 2006 by Keith from SoftSift.com

SecretWeb 5.1a - Maintain Privacy While Surfing

How would you like to keep out nosy people who are trying to trace what you are doing or browsing while online? Then, SecretWeb is probably one of the essential tools that you will need to maintain your secrecy.

SecretWeb 5.1a is a tool that allows you to secretly navigate over the web, in a way when you are surfing some particular websites, your desktop screen remains clear from browsing tools. A combination of keys (known as Secret keys or Hot keys) when pressed allows your web browser to disappear instantly from the screen, and not even on your taskbar.

It is particularly useful when someone important walks into the room, and you have no time to shut down your browser, or navigate away. An instant activation of this combination of key strokes just might save your day. When disappeared, another combination of keys will bring the browser back again. It also has an embedded RSS reader and a FTP client built-in on the application.

To know how useful this can be, use it for free!

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A WA R D S       PA G E

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http://secretweb.findmysoft.com/review/ To access the web you need three things. First of all you need a computer; secondly you need a connection to the internet; last but not least, you need a software application that allows you to surf the web, you need a browser. The Microsoft-developed Windows operating system comes bundled with a browser to let you do just that, surf the web. That browser is Internet Explorer or IE for short.

Now some people use IE, others do not. There are other alternative browsers out there you could put to the test. Like for example SecretWeb, a browser that weighs in at little over 7MB meaning it should take but a moment to download the application on your system.

Once the download completes, it is time to install SecretWeb. You will be glad to find out that SecretWeb works with just about any version of the Microsoft-developed Windows operating system, including the old but popular Windows XP, the much avoided Vista, and the latest and greatest, Windows 7. You will also be glad to know that SecretWeb is freeware. You can use it for as long as you want without having to pay anything in return.

SecretWeb offers all the bits and pieces you can expect to get from a web browser. The thing that separates it from other browsers is the fact that it puts a great deal of emphasis on privacy. Its not like InPrivate Browsing in IE, it is something else. SecretWeb comes with hotkeys that allow you to hide the browser out of view. Say you are at work, surfing the web and a coworker comes up to you press the right key combination and SecretWeb will hide out of view. This way your coworker will not realize what you were doing.

Link:  http://secretweb.findmysoft.com/review/

Due to the number of downloads that your product had from our users and based on our own review we decided to grant your product with the DevGalaxy "5 Stars Award". This means that "SecretWeb" is highly appreciated and already in the top of the searches.


     SecretWeb 5.2a is browsers software developed by L-Tech.
SecretWeb is not just an ordinary Web Browser, whether you are at home or at work. Unless, you are alone or have your own office, there is always possibility that someone might be curious about what and where you are surfing. If you don't like people prying at what you are browsing; especially, you don't want to upset your boss for shirking or wandering. SecretWeb is a smart way to avoid trouble, although it may sound unethical...
     This browsers software is freeware, which means you can download and use SecretWeb 5.2a absolutely free. There's no need to buy the product. SecretWeb 5.2a supports different languages (including English). It works with Windows 98/XP/Vista.
     We have tested SecretWeb 5.2a for spyware and adware modules. The software is absolutely safe to install. Our website has thoroughly tested network & internet product SecretWeb 5.2a, written the review and uploaded installation file (6733K) to our fast server.


SecretWeb was checked by our antivirus software to check whether it contain some viruses, trojans or spy-wares or not on our web site www.vista-files.org. The commercial antivirus software showed that this program is clean from any destructive or unwanted inclusion.
























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